Interior design

Every interior should be most of all functional. Especially if you don’t have a lot of space. EFEKT Meble offers you consulting in arranging office, courtroom, school and conference spaces. With our help every room will not only be functional, but also spacious. Buying furniture we propose will make even the smallest office catch the attention of your clients.

Thanks to EFEKT Meble you will create a functional office space & conference room.

Comfortable office

The core activity of our company is selling office furniture. In response to our customers needs we also offer interior design services. We can help you furnish your office, private office or conference room. Our experience employees will advise you how to arrange every room, so that it fulfills its function in the best way it can. Also our professional personnel can help you choose the best furniture and accessories which will improve the functioning of your office staff.

Friendly kindergarten

Not every child goes eagerly to their school or kindergarten. This is why it is so important to try and make the time they spend in educational facilities as pleasant as possible. Our employees have been helping arranging school classrooms for many years to encourage children to take part in the lessons. In our online store Efekt Style you will find a wide range of furniture perfect for any school or kindergarten. Colorful tables & comfortable chairs will for sure encourage any kid to study.